Publications & Research

The publications and research in which CABMR participates encompass research articles, working papers, preprints, books, essays, conference participation, and presentations. These contributions serve the purpose of promoting applied research, enhancing the academic experience, and especially fostering collaboration with professional communities and improving the quality of decision-making. The intellectual contributions of CABMR are listed here.

Moreover, the team of enseignants-chercheurs at Ascenica Business School, the primary affiliation of CABMR, also produces a wide range of intellectual contributions. These contributions include published articles, book chapters, conferences and presentations. The main objectives behind these contributions are to advance research, foster innovation, and enhance the quality of teaching. These intellectual contributions can be accessed here.

list of publications & working papers

Cartwright, P.A., Roman-Pastor, J. (2023). Possible Selves, Identity, Horizons and Communication: An Exploratory Study of Dance Students. In: Pfeffermann, N., Schaller, M. (eds) New Leadership Communication—Inspire Your Horizon. Springer, Cham.

Peters, Z. and Cartwright, P.A. (2023). “Perspectives on NFTs in the Arts and Music Business.” International Journal of Music Business Research, forthcoming.

Kassar, G. & Cartwright, P.A. (2023). “An Exploratory Study on the Integration of Neurodiverse University Students into Mainstream Learning and Their Performance: The Case of the Jones Learning Center”. Submitted and Accepted for the 4th Barcelona Conference on Education (BCE2023), Spain, September 19-23, 2023

Adams, R., Cartwright, P.A. and Pastor-Roman, J. (2023). “Exploring Identity and Possible Selves Across Ensemble Musicians.” Submitted to International Symposium on Performance Science, Warsaw, Poland, 17-20 August 2023.

Kashouh, Y. and Cartwright, P.A. (2023). “Applications and Consequences of AI in the Hospitality Sector”. Submitted to Association for Business and Economic Research Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 14-17 October 2023.

Kassar G. (2023). “Exploring Cybersecurity Awareness and Resilience of SMEs amid the Sudden Shift to Remote Work during the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Pilot Study” . ARPHA Conference Abstracts 6: e107358.

Cartwright, P. A. and Peters, Z. (2023). “Music NFTs: An Ordinal Logit Study of Associations of Awareness and Knowledge.” Submitted to the 33rd Annual Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, Rutgers University, 3-4 November 2023.

Kassar, G. (2022) Examining the Dual Effects of the Pandemic-Induced Telework and Financial Liquidity Crisis in Lebanon on Performance Appraisals in the Banking Sector : A Case Study. MDPI PrePrints.

Cartwright, P.A. & Riabko, N. (2023).“Temporal Aggregation and the Estimation of Reverse Regressions for Commodities Market Models”, Handbook of Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management af Financial Derivatives, Ed. C.F. Lee, Singapore: World Scientific Publishers.

Cartwright, P. A. “Sound Off! Marketing and Promotion of Music in the 21st Century” in Sound Judgment: The Science and Practice of Valuing Music Performance, In A. Williamon and G. Wadell (Eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Cartwright, P.A., Lee, C.F. & Lin, F.L.“Time Aggregation and the Estimation of the Market Model: Revision and Extension”, with Lee, C.F. and Lin, F.L. Handbook of Financial Econometrics and Statistics, Eds. C.F. Lee, J.C. Lee, Springer, forthcoming.


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